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I was feeling my look, can I live?

Monday was not a great day. I got rained on, my train was late, we ran out of milk at work, my laptop wouldn’t let me watch the new season of The Good Wife and life generally felt like one long bleak slog.

But, I was wearing a really good outfit.

An outfit which was so cosy and Autumnal, I felt a superhero-like urge to run into a toilet which contained a full length mirror to snap some photos of it. Yes, yes I know that I need to invest in a tripod, or a blog photographer which I can carry around with me in my handbag. But, to quote that great sage of all things selfie, Kim Kardashian-West, ‘I was feeling my look, can I live?’

Coat, roll neck and skirt

Coat: Marks and Spencer

Necklace: Primark

Roll neck: Primark

Skirt: Primark

Chelsea boots: Primark

I’ve not worn a black roll neck since I went through a Beatnik stage when I was 17. This isn’t because I dislike them, more how (I thought) they looked on me. I worried about looking bulky and suffering from the dreaded ‘shelf tit’ effect. But, after seeing bloggers like Bethany look bitchin’ wearing them, I decided to take the plunge. While I’m not 100% happy with it (the arms are a bit too baggy for my liking), it looks fairly decent when tucked into a skirt. And hey, it was only £5. I do love a bargain.

Primark roll neck and skirt

The skirt however is wonderful. It’s comfy and cozy and not so short that I flash my arse at passers-by whenever I bend over (which is more than can be said for another skirt I bought from there which was frankly obscene.) It comes in a range of warm Autumnal colours, and I can see myself stocking up on them for that ‘chubby Velma from Scooby Doo’ look.

Roll neck face

I can’t take a decent selfie to save my life at the moment, hence this picture of me looking like a deer caught in ‘6.30am-on-a-Monday-morning’ headlights. However, lets all take a moment to appreciate the amazing lipstick I’m wearing, Sleek’s Russian Roulette. I like matte lipsticks as they don’t slide off my face as soon as I take a sip of coffee, and this is a gorgeous dark shade of red. It can feel a bit drying, but at £4.99, it’s incredibly good value.


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