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A Stroke of Genius

In a fit of 2002-inspired nostalgia, I went to see The Strokes in Hyde Park with my friend Bethany last Thursday. While Julian Casablancas’s hair, £5.50 pints and men announcing loudly that they had sore genitalia left a lot to be desired, I had a great time dancing around to music which reminded me of being younger, skinter and stupider. I also looked banging (even if I do say so myself).

A stroke of genius

TOP: Collectif

SKIRT: Primark

SHOES: Primark

NECKLACE: Tatty Devine

Christina tattoos

The good weather also provided me with the perfect opportunity to rock out with my tats out. When I was younger (and a lot less confident about my size than I am now), I always felt wary about getting my upper arms out in public because they were so pale and chubby. However, as time has gone on – and they’ve become increasingly covered with tattoos – I’ve learned to not to give a toss about what people think about them. It turns out that when you get a giant ‘Sink or Swim’ badge inked onto your bicep, passers by tend to pay more attention to that than the fat it’s emblazoned on.

While I’m not yet entirely at a place where I love my upper arms as much as other parts of my body, it’s a constant process. The more I get them out in the public, the more I learn to appreciate them, how good they look and how much they can do. These are arms that repeatedly lift a heavy suitcase above my head on trains after all, why shouldn’t I be wowed by them? Plus, wonderful pieces like this one in Bustle help me to appreciate just how bad ass bare armed fat women can look. While there’s lots of legitimate reasons why women feel uncomfortable bearing their arms, a bit of chub shouldn’t be one of them.

Both of these photos can also be seen on this post at the Simply Be blog.

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A jumpsuit. A tattoo.

I’ve spent the past few days in London doing a few of my favourite things – drinking pints with excellent people, eating pizza in bed in my pants, getting tattooed and making people dance. On Saturday night, I DJ’ed at Playhouse in Stoke Newington with Bethany, so decided to break out my new jumpsuit for the occasion.

Jumpsuit pic

Jumpsuit: Little Mistress

Camisole top:  George at ASDA

Necklace & earrings: Black Heart Creatives

Boots : Vintage

I’ve always been a bit wary of jumpsuits for a number of reasons – not least how do you go for a wee when you’re wearing one? but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty true to size, not too long in the leg (I’m 5ft 7, and found that the pant legs didn’t drag on the floor if I wore heels with it), and surprisingly comfortable. However, a word of warning. This is not built for the busty lady. Like most items of Little Mistress clothing I’ve bought, it’s very low cut, so I’d recommend wearing a camisole top underneath it if you don’t wish to flash your bra at the general public. It’s also remarkably difficult to zip up (and down), so make sure you have a trusted friend on hand who is willing to help you wiggle out of it when nature calls.

Selfie featuring jumpsuit and vintage boots

I’m also totally in love with the white ankle boots I’m wearing here, which I found in a vintage shop in Liverpool for £1 (!!)  Not only did they perfectly complement the ’80s business bitch’ look I was looking for, but they were surprisingly comfortable (a definite plus when you’re attempting to bust-a-move to Donna Summer.) Selfie I’ve rediscovered Illamasqua’s satin finish lipstick in Glissade, which is the most perfect shade of hot pink. I’ve found that if you fill your lips in with the accompanying lip pencil and then layer the lipstick over it, it lasts forever. You can even eat crisps wearing it without it smudging or coming off in clumps, which is no mean feat. New tattoo

I also got my 7th tattoo (sorry Mum) this weekend, courtesy of the amazing Rose Whittaker at Shangri-La in Dalston. Rose has inked a few of my friends, and I absolutely love her work. Getting this done was one of the nicest tattoo experiences I’ve had  – Rose is friendly, funny and a total babe to boot. I’m so happy with the finished result, and am thinking of calling my bare naked lady ‘Ernestine.’ (It seems like a good fit, don’t you think?)