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Feeling Myself

Things are still bad. But they are getting better.

I went to my wonderful hairdressers on Tuesday with the intention of getting my roots done. Seven and a half (!!) hours later, I walked out with bright turquoise hair. It is one of most daring, frivolous things I’ve ever done and I absolutely adore it. After a long year which hasn’t had many fun moments in it, doing something completely and utterly ridiculous just for myself feels remarkably liberating. It also happens to really suit me. Which helps.


I’ve had a number of people ask me where I bought this (glorious) shirt dress from since posting this selfie. While it looks as though it should come from somewhere like Monki, it’s actually from Marks and Spencer. The print is bold and vibrant, the fit is just on the right side of generous and you’ll always get a compliment when you’re wearing it. It’s still in stock at the moment and worth every single penny of its £39.50 price tag.

Blue hair 1)

HEAD SCARF: Karen Mabon


DRESS: Monki

JACKET: ASOS Curve (old)

NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas


Speaking of Monki, I am 100% in love with this black t-shirt dress I purchased from them recently. I love really nice, simple, well made, just-on-the-right-side-of-baggy dresses, particularly during the summer when all you want to wear is something which circulates a nice cooling breeze around your intimate parts. I was inspired to get this after seeing it on the always radiant Bethany and listening to an illuminating discussion about sack dresses on the most recent episode of Call Your Girlfriend and wore it to go and see William Basinski when he played at the Manchester International Festival last night. While reapplying my lipstick in the bathroom, I caught sight of myself in the full length mirror and – for the first time in ages – felt 100% comfortable with the way I looked. Which is something I haven’t been able to say for a while.

Blue hair 2)


ASOS Curve, Nars, Next, Oliver Bonas, Work outfit

Primary Colours

Wet look leggings are my jam. A friend introduced me to them last year, and since then, I’ve worn them whenever I want to feel like a chubby version of Sandy from Grease. The best ones I’ve bought have been from ASOS (where else?) They cling in all the right places and make my butt look amazing – a rather nice added bonus. My favourite way to wear them is with a crisp white shirt and a statement necklace, helping to give me a modicum of professionalism with a dash of pizzazz. I broke these new ones out last week on a brief trip to Manchester to take my Mum to Hawksmoor Manchester (which – btw -is absolutely fantastic), see Dutch Uncles and drink lots of wine.

Primary colours

White t-shirt

Don’t you just love how gleeful I look in this picture?




HEELS: Next 

NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas


Business bitch

The lipstick is Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils in Dragon Girl, one of my best lippy purchases of 2014. It’s just the most perfect shade of raspberry and goes with practically everything. It’s the perfect shade for Spring, and to celebrate lighter nights and beer gardens.