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Springtime for McMc

It’s a cliche, I know but I am so so so happy that spring has arrived. Earlier this week, I walked through a sunny Kings Cross wearing stupid sunglasses and clutching my first (overpriced) iced coffee of 2017 and nearly burst into song (well, I was listening to this.) After a fairly rancid winter, I’ve been dying to flounce around in frills and bright colours and – as always – Monki have delivered in grand style.


SHIRT: Monki

SKIRT: Monki

EARRINGS: And Other Stories (old)

RING: Bloody Mary Metal


I’m sure that there’s some unwritten fashion rule about how larger boobed women shouldn’t wear obnoxiously bright, frilled blouses, because God knows mainstream fashion loves to penalise women/nb folks for being of a larger shape and size. But – if any of my mega titted brethren are reading this and wondering if they should invest in this shirt, allow me to reassure you that you a) totally should and b) do it now. I’m wearing a L in this picture and it more than covers my GG-size-20 chest with only the slightest bit of gaping. And even that’s alleviated if you just pull it down and fasten it securely with the waistband of a very silly printed pleated skirt.

Springtime for McMc

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but the cartoon print of this skirt is an utter delight. I never knew I could be so charmed by having the word ‘LOL’ positioned directly on my crotch. Shout out to these gold H&M boots too, an utter bargain which was I was alerted to by my exceptionally fashionable friend Fong. I saw these on her shoe rack when I visited her flat recently, she informed me that she’d bought them for £10 and before you could say ‘what a bobby bargain,‘ I was the proud owner of a new pair of gold boots. Fashion enabling never looked so shiny.

Springtime for McMc selfie 2)

I’ve been favouring heavier, darker eye make-up over the past few months and strolled into Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar (aka ‘my happy place’) on payday looking for something which wouldn’t clash with the pink streak in my hair. NARS came to the rescue, as they so often do. Their ‘Sugarland’ eye duo is a winning combination of apricot and orchid pink. I can see this replacing my stalwart MAC Corduroy as my everyday eyeshadow as we move into the warmer weather, although I might add a dash of glitter if I’m feeling fancy. When paired with my Tom Ford lipstick in ‘Cary’, it makes for a warm sun kissed look which makes me long for picnics in the park and lazy beer garden nights. Hiya spring. I’ve missed you.


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Be Bold

Is there some sort of jumpsuit helpline I can call? I only ask because I’ve gone and bought another one of the things. Although looking at it, can you really blame me?

Full body shot 1

JUMPSUIT: Pink Clove

BOOTS: Vintage

NECKLACE: Gogo Philip

EARRINGS: Black Heart Creatives

Maybe it’s because I left it too long (January payday elicited this reaction from me) but I’ve been really disappointed in the sales this year. Every thing I’ve found is either fugly, fussy or not in my size. So – if you’ll pardon the pun – I jumped for joy when I saw this brilliant 1970s inspired jumpsuit. In a world where plus sized women are told that they shouldn’t wear big, attention grabbing prints, it feels so daring. I look like I’m coming to steal your man and drag him back to my Abigail’s Party themed love nest.

Full body shot 2

This is the second Pink Clove jumpsuit I’ve bought recently, and it probably won’t be my last. It’s a great fit with plenty of stretch, particularly around the boobs and shoulders (I know I keep saying it, but there’s nothing worse than trying to wriggle your way out of a poorly designed garment when you’re desperate for a wee.) The wide legs mean you’re best off wearing heels rather than flats so you’re not constantly tripping over yourself. I can totally imagine wearing this on the Cote d’Azur back in the day and being the height of fashion. 

The best thing about this jumpsuit though? It’s currently on sale for £12. I’ve bought snack foods more expensive than that.

1975 Red

I’ve been so miserable about my face over the past few weeks. The January weather has done a real number on it, meaning I’ve been riddled with gigantic spots, dry skin and eczema, particularly around the eye area. It’s taken a lot of work, face masks and various other moisturising potions, but I finally feel as though I’ve turned a corner. While I don’t think that selfies should only be shared when you’re looking 100%, I’m thrilled with how good my skin looks here, particularly when complemented by a dash of Charlotte Tilbury’s 1975 Red lipstick.  Here’s hoping that February is kinder to all of us manky skin sufferers!

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Look What You Could Have Worn: Elle’s long dresses edit

Look What You Could Have WornSo, I’ll admit that I was slightly taken aback by how well received the last ‘Look What You Could Have Worn’ was. While Emerald Street never did respond to my questions as to why they didn’t add plus sized options to their clothing picks (Hiya guys!) it made me even more determined in my goal to show that fat women want a more size inclusive media. While I love seeing fashion editorials in magazines aimed towards the plus sized community (such as Slink and Volup2), I don’t want our clothing, politics and style to just be shoved away into one corner of the internet.

Which brings me to Elle. I rarely read Elle, because it is a magazine which is very much not aimed at (fat) women like me. I’ve always viewed it as being one of those media outlets which will occasionally pay lip service to plus sized women by featuring a size 18 model every now and then (always toned, and always with a flat stomach of course), but never shows us clothes which we can actually wear. But, this month they were giving away an ASOS 20% gift card with every issue, and I am a sucker for discounted pencil skirts and heeled sandals and…I think you know where this is going.

There’s a great editorial in there showing a number of ways to style long dresses (page 158 – 162 if you’re interested.) Longer, 70s-style dresses look set to be a huge trend this Autumn/Winter season, and I for one cannot wait to float around in them while pretending to be Stevie Nicks. Here’s five of my favourites.

Alice and You Patchwork Print Maxi Dress

Alice & You Patchwork Print Lace Up Maxi Dress (£42.00)

This dress is like a magic eye picture. When I first saw it, I thought it was hideous. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s a great mix of different types of print, and as 70s as a glam rock record. However, this is an item which could very easily veer into fancy dress territory, so I’d wear it with simple accessories and a pair of ankle boots, otherwise it could look a little OTT.

ASOS Curve Maxi Dress in Knitted 70's chevron

ASOS Curve Maxi Dress in Knitted 70’s Chevron (£42.00)

This looks like something my (remarkably stylish) Mum would have worn around Florida in the 70s. It’s casual enough to wear to work, but dressy enough to wear out to dinner afterwards. I’d team this with a belted long-line coat and heeled sandals (or a pair of wooden clogs.) Elle says that wearing ankle-tie sandals will help draw attention to your lovely slim ankles, but if people are looking at those instead of you while you’re wearing this dress, tell them to shove off.

Ilva dress Monki

Monki Ilva Dress (£30.00)

While Monki doesn’t do a plus-sized range, their sizing is remarkably generous and their larger sizes tend to easily fit us chubs. I’m a huge fan of their clothing, and this is my favourite dress of the bunch. It’s less dressy than the others, but I love the shape and the pattern is superb. It’s the kind of casual dress I’d throw on with a pair of brogues or Dr. Martens before heading out to the pub.

Modcloth Fiore Your Entertainment Dress in Floral

Modcloth Fiore Your Entertainment in Flora ($99.00/£63.00)

Modcloth’s stuff continues to be great, as does their range of sizing (their stuff goes all the way up to 4XL – the only retailer I’ve ever seen do this.) The only downside is the shipping costs from the USA, so I’d recommend clubbing together with a friend on an order so it doesn’t cost mega bucks. This little number is delightfully floaty, and would look fantastic worn with some knee high suede boots. I’d also add a slim brown belt to give it a bit of shape and contrast.

Simply Be Printed Long Line Shirt Dress

Simply Be Printed Long Line Shirt Dress (£45.00)

When Simply Be get a trend right, they get it right. Their new collection contains a whole heap of 70s inspired gems (think lots of suede, lots of fringing and lots of fake fur), but this dress totally stood out to me. The bold paisley print is just fantastic, and I’m dying to wear this out and about with a giant afghan coat while pretending to be Angie Bowie.

Will you be wearing long line dresses this Autumn? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!