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Dream Coat

Winter coats. They are my weakness, they are my joy. I’ve had to put a ban on myself buying any more after I stuck too many of them on a cupboard door in my house and buggered the joint. But plus sized brands have played a blinder this year with their coat options, a birthday discount code from ASOS appeared in my inbox and well…you can guess what happened next.

Dream Coat 1


SHOES: Doc Martens

I’ve had my eye on this ASOS Curve coat for months and was thrilled when it arrived and turned out to be even better than I hoped. It’s warm, the length is perfect, it’s great to snuggle into when your train to work is delayed (a frequent occurrence in my life) and it makes a fantastic prop for selfies. Case in point.

Not only do I look smoking hot and cozy, I also look like I’m wearing a giant Tudor-esque ruff. I think we can all agree that this is a strong look.

This coat also bears a striking resemblance to one I loved and lost when I was a teenager who was obsessed with dressing like a member of Kenickie. While I may have lost the terrible fringe, the desire to coat myself in layers of glitter and hilariously serious expression I was fond of wearing back then, my love of ridiculous fake fur collars will never fade.

15 year old me2

There’s 20% off all items on ASOS until Tuesday if you use the code CYBER. If you’re looking for a Winter coat, I could think of few better ways to spend your pennies than on this beauty.

navabi Curvy Blog Award 2015


In another fun piece of news, this blog has been nominated for an award! I’m in the running for one of the navabi Curvy Blog Awards. I’d say it’s a honour just to be nominated (and I wouldn’t be lying), but it would be even nicer to win. If you love reading this blog as much as I love writing it, it would be really great to get your vote. You can vote for me over at their website where I’m number 007.


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