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I felt like a change

September makes me itchy. Perhaps it’s the changing of the seasons. Perhaps it’s because there’s a whole ‘back to school’ vibe in the air. Whatever it is, whenever it rolls around, I feel an intense desire to change my look. Usually, I just buy a new coat or a stupid pair of shoes. But this year, I felt like doing something a bit more dramatic. Last week, I traveled to Leeds and got a giant, intimidating, tiger lady tattooed on me. And this weekend, a very nice man from Hull (who kept shouting ‘OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE, I’M GONNA MAKE YOU LOOK SO CUTE’) cut my hair even shorter and dyed it dark brown.

What better way to celebrate this new and improved version of Christina McMc than by taking some outfit selfies in Liverpool’s premier talking toilet?*

Talkie Toilet

I’m not a big wearer of pencil skirts, but I love this one. It’s super comfy, super stretchy and the most perfect colour – a proper Autumnal mustard. Pairing it with a simple black top and my trusty spiked leather jacket made me feel like a chubby bad-ass bee. Let’s also take a moment to appreciate these amazing cats-eye sunglasses I nabbed from ASOS for the low low price of £3.50.


TOP: Marks & Spencer




SHOES: New Look


So far, the best part of being a box fresh brunette is seeing how my eyes stand out against my new hair colour. Even more so when I wear dark lipsticks, like NARS’s gorgeous Audacious in Charlotte.

A quick note about these earrings. Every time I wear them, people ask me where I bought them. Through a stroke of good luck, I found them in the sale at Topshop in Liverpool a few weeks ago. I’ve not seen them anywhere else since then (or on their website), leaving me to believe that they were an 80s inspired delight created just for me. If you’re desperate for your own pair, I’ve seen Black Heart Creatives make similar items, and I can’t recommend them enough for cute, unique pieces of jewellery.

*It’s in Liverpool South Parkway train station, and talks to you when you’re trying to have a wee. It’s a very distracting experience particularly when it politely informs you that if you don’t leave in fifteen minutes, it will clean itself with you inside it.


2 thoughts on “I felt like a change

  1. Charlotte E Rae says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s refreshing to find a plus-size Fashion/Beauty blog. I love your confidence and your sense of style – fabulous.

    I know this question doesn’t pertain to this specific post but I wonder if you’d be able to help me please?

    I only ever wear the ASOS Ridley jeans because I know that a size 20 will usually fit me. However would you be able to comment on how this compares to the NewLook brand, ASOS own brand & the Alice ones? For example if the Ridley in a 20 fit how much difference is there between the others? I hope that makes sense?

    P.S your hair is really pretty.

    Kind Regards



    • Hi Charlotte!

      Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog. You have made my (exceedingly grey) Wednesday!

      I have huge problems finding jeans which fit and flatter me, so I can only comment on the Ridleys I’m afraid. I find them to be quite good with a nice amount of stretch in them. I can also recommend the skinny jeans from M&S. They fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable with nice deep pockets. Plus, M&S sizing is really generous – I often find I need to size down a bit.

      I’ll ask around and see if I can get some people to respond to your comment and help you out!

      Christina xx


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