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Chase the Elephant

What I did with my weekend, by Christina McMc, aged 32 1/2.

Went to yoga, ate a bacon sandwich, watched ‘The Jinx’ (which is fantastic – if problematic), drank a lot of Prosecco, watched my beloved Manchester City get annihilated in the Manchester Derby, and made a Sunday Times journalist believe that I would eat her. I'll eat you I'll eat you (2) Pretty standard really.

I also went for ‘unlimited tapas’ with Mr. McMc last night. Because if there’s a better phrase in the English/Spanish language than ‘unlimited tapas,’ I haven’t found it yet. Naturally, I needed to dress appropriately for the occasion, so I decided to break out the elephants. Outfit




NECKLACE: Tatty Devine


SHOES: Primark

My favourite thing to do with outfits at the moment is to start off with a base layer of a neutral t-shirt and jeans/leggings, before layering lots of accessories over it. My black ASOS Curve t-shirt and wetlook leggings (told you they were my jam) are practically my uniform at the moment and tend to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. As for the elephant blazer? Well, I bought it last year on a whim because I love elephant print (and elephants) and because I thought it made me look like an elegant society arts patron who is into all things expensive and art deco.


Yes I know I need to fix both my eyebrows and my roots.

The whole art deco vibe is helped by these amazing Topshop earrings I bought back in 2012. I don’t have much luck with Topshop earrings (they have a annoying habit of bouncing out of my ears, or getting destroyed in my handbag.) However, I’ve worn the crap out of these since I purchased them, and if I ever lose them, I’ll be utterly bereft. They look like the kind of things you’d find after rummaging around in a vintage stall on Portobello Rd rather than in a dusty corner of a high street retailer. Lipstick The lipstick I’m wearing is one of my favourites, MAC’s limited edition Pedro Lourenco collection in Roxo. It’s a rich deep plum colour which is a lot darker than the shades I usually tend to wear. However, I really like how it changes my face and brings out the green-blue in my eyes. Proof that even us Gingers can go Goth occasionally.


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